About VEBA

Making Health Care Better for Everyone

Since 1993, the California Schools VEBA (VEBA) has been providing effective management of southern California’s largest fully-funded trust that specializes in providing health care benefits for education employees. VEBA was created as a voluntary joint labor-management benefits organization and was established through the combined efforts of school superintendents and representatives of both the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA).

Our Pillars of Success

Through VEBA, school districts and employee organizations and associations work together to resolve employee benefit issues and seek to provide quality health and welfare benefits at the lowest possible cost. Compared to what districts would have had to pay if they bought VEBA’s benefits and services on their own, the year-to-year savings they realize through VEBA is huge. We accomplish this by providing:

Improved Quality. Our innovative health plans and partnerships continue to help reduce district premiums without compromising benefits.

Superior Service. Our knowledgeable VEBA-dedicated staff members can assist your district with a variety of free services including: customer service, advocacy, communications and IT.

Streamlined Administration. Our online administration system is easy for your staff to use, plus it increases accuracy and takes less time during open enrollment and throughout the year.

How VEBA Works

With more than 60 participating school districts and over 120,000 members, VEBA pools school district resources to create a larger group of participants. This lowers health care premiums and allows you to provide more comprehensive benefits to your employees.

  • Stable Rates. Our large risk pool helps create a more stable environment for contract negotiations by providing more than 40 health plan options that balance cost and quality. In addition, all rates are quoted for the entire plan year with no hidden increases.
  • Buying Power. We leverage our negotiating power with carriers, providers and vendors to help all districts (both large and small) get better rates and better benefits to meet their unique needs.
  • Influence to Improve Health Care. We work with our partners to develop innovative programs such as the nation’s first performance-based HMO plan and Southern California’s innovative Medical Appropriateness Project to improve quality of care which in turn, improves employee health and drives down district costs.
  • Large Provider Network. To make sure we can provide benefits to all of your employees, our carrier provider networks extend to the following counties. We serve employees throughout southern California including the following counties:

Los Angeles

San Bernardino  


San Diego  




Strategic Partnerships

Behind VEBA’s success are the strategic partnerships we’ve developed with medical groups, health systems, insurance carriers and consultants working together to help improve health care quality and keep rates stable from year to year. Through contract negotiations and leveraged buying power we are able to meet our goals and help make health care better for everyone.

For more information about how VEBA is Making Health Care Better for Everyone, please contact Danny Duzyk: (619) 481-3642 or [email protected]


VEBA— by the numbers

  • $400 million saved in benefit renewals since 1993
  • More than $20 million saved each year through Performance HMO
  • $2.8 million saved through Best Doctors
  • 25% of our districts developed Workplace Wellness programs with our help
  • Spearheading the Medical Appropriateness Project to help identify most appropriate health care providers and therefore reduce health care premiums