Best Doctors

Best Doctors is a medical case review program, started by Harvard doctors. It gives you access to medical experts to make absolutely sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment for your situation. Services are provided at no cost to you and help is one phone call away: 866-904-0910.

1. Ask the Expert. Get advice from expert doctors about your medical condition.

2. Medical Review. Get indepth consultation for your complex medical situation.

3. Find a Doctor. Get referred to a participating specialist.

4. Catastrophic Care. Get consultation on your care in the event of catastrophic situation.


For more information about Best Doctors, visit or call 866-904-0910.

"Best Doctors is a wonderful option for people who need to make a decision about their health care. I was even provided with a "thumb drive” for all of my medical records relating to prostate cancer, including some that were not in the file of my primary care provider. It is has been helpful in educating myself about my condition, so I can talk more knowledgeably about it with my doctors.”  — Larry, VEBA Member