Your Benefits

District Health Plans

Click HERE for your district's health plans.


Other Benefits

Depending on your district, you have Health, Advocacy and Wellness plan benefits from different companies. To see these benefits, click on the links in the chart below.

  • Benefit Plan provides informational brochures and flyers.
  • Website lets you register online to receive information about your benefits, discounted products and services, health information, health alerts and much more!
  • Customer Service will help you order a new ID card, find a provider, follow-up on a claim and get your benefits questions answered.
Benefit Plan Website Customer Service

Best Doctors

Delta Dental

(888) 362-8677

(888) 335-8227

Employee Assistance Program
access code: veba
(888) 625-4809
Kaiser Permanente (800) 464-4000
Express Scripts (Medco)

(800) 918-8011
Optum Behavioral Health (888) 625-4809
Optum Physical Health (Chiro) myoptumhealth...

Kaiser Members:

(800) 428-6337

UHC Members:

Call UHC Customer Service

Optum Rx (Prescription Solutions) (800) 788-7871


UnitedHealthcare (UHC) HMO

(800) 424-4652

(800) 624-8822

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) PPO (800) 377-5154

Vision Service Plan

VEBA Advocacy Program

VEBA Wellness Program

(800) 877-7195

(619) 278-0021

(619) 278-0021




Contact Information Flyer

Click HERE for a flyer that lists contact information for:

  • Health Benefits
  • Advocacy Benefits
  • Wellness Benefits