What is VEBA

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California Schools VEBA is a 501c(9) non-profit trust that delivers high quality, affordable and accessible health care for education, municipal and public agency employees. Formed in 1993 — through the combined efforts of school superintendents and representatives of both the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA) — VEBA currently serves more than 65 participating employers and over 150,000 Members, throughout Southern California.

To continue improving health care for its Members VEBA launched the VEBA Resource Center (VRC) in 2019 to help Members assess, identify and remove barriers to achieving optimal health.

As part of VEBA’s commitment to its Members the VRC provides an extensive range of programs, classes, services and events for Members to take a holistic and proactive approach to their overall well-being.

Through its personalized approach and collaborative partnerships, VEBA provides quality health care for its Members and lower costs for their employers.


Stable year-over-year renewals through focusing on improving quality


Better rates and benefits negotiated on your behalf


Improved quality of care through unique programs designed to improve employee health while keeping employer costs down


Nationwide access with a variety of network options to best fit the needs of your group

Why we do what we do:

We believe that health is universal.
We are committed to breaking down the barriers of achieving optimal health, because everyone deserves access to quality care.
We value people and promote equity, always.
We are in the business of people and embrace unique perspectives, backgrounds, and situations.
Our Members are the purpose behind everything we do.
As a non-profit trust, we do the right thing, for the right reason, every single time.
We believe there is a better way.
We work tirelessly to build an integrated health care system that delivers on each individual’s personalized needs at an affordable cost.

What does VEBA offer that makes it unique and distinguishable?


Proactive Health Management: At its core, VEBA believes that taking a proactive approach to one’s health can play an active role in preventing chronic and critical health issues, down the line. Based on this belief, on top of providing quality health care to its Members for traditional needs — such as doctors visits, surgeries, dental care, etc. — the VEBA Resource Center (VRC) provides additional opportunities to take advantage of personalized wellness plans, partake in health-oriented activities, and gain access to relevant information and education. All of this is done in an effort to improve habits and lifestyle choices, while decreasing the amount of future, potentially-avoidable health issues and costs.

Access to Verified Resources: In an effort to minimize barriers to quality resources, VEBA has a robust network of health care-provider and market-leading partners, all of which are vetted and verified for their quality of service, field expertise and proven reputations. By continuously growing and improving contracts with its industry partners, VEBA ensures it maintains a diverse and integrated network that appeals to its Members unique needs and interests.

Holistic Approach to Wellness: With an innovative approach to wellness and the current health care system, VEBA recognizes the supplemental opportunities that exist to enrich the quality of life and overall well being of its Members. Through the VRC, Members have access to resources that can aid in their mental, emotional, physical and social health, providing a more-integrated solution to address health and wellness gaps in the existing health care model.