VEBA Services

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Additional Support Benefits

VEBA provides resources to help you manage your health and navigate your care.

Teladoc Medical Experts

What Is It: Get a second opinion before you made a major medical decision. Teladoc Medical Experts is a no-cost service that provides you with access to world-renowned doctors and specialists when you have a major illness or injury. A team of physicians will confidentially review your medical records and provide you with a second opinion about your diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Get Started: Visit or call 800-835-2362

VEBA Advocacy

What Is It: Don’t sit on hold. Get help navigating the health care system. When you contact VEBA Advocacy, you’ll be connected with a dedicated specialist who will help you get answers to your questions, resolve benefits-related issues, make appointments, and get more information about recommended tests, treatments and prescribed medications.

Get Started: Call 888-276-0250 or Click Here.

Need to contact Post 65 Member Services? Call 619-961-2047 or email [email protected]

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What Is It: You have someone to talk to when you need help through life’s challenges. The EAP can help with problems and issues related to:

  • Your personal relationships
  • Your job
  • Child care and elder care
  • Money management
  • Legal assistance
  • Substance abuse
  • Grief and loss

Services offered through the EAP are offered at no cost to you and your covered family members.

Get Started: Visit (use access code VEBA) or call

VEBA Resource Center (VRC)

What Is It: VEBA’s top priority is empowering our members to become advocates for their well-being. The VRC offers a wide range of programs and services focusing on a holistic, individualized approach. Care for your mind, body and spirit by accessing these VRC resources:

  • On-site and off-hour appointments
  • Telephonic counseling and support
  • Free childcare during on-site appointments
  • Financial assistance
  • Transportation support

Get Started: Visit or call 619-398-4220